Just Custom Knives

Step 1 :
Build a website right now through your World Wide Web browser. You don't need to install any software.
Just click the Build a site now link.
Step 2 :
Add new pages, change text and graphics, and change webite colors all through your web browser. Just point and click!

100mb storage space
5 pages
Custom domain name

200mb storage space
10 pages
20 products
Custom domain name

300mb storage space
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Products
Custom domain name

New animated Flash features available for your website.
Now you can have graphically animated sequences for themes and intros. Choose from 40 themes and 35 animated introductions.
New form builder integrated into Control Panel!
Now you can create online feedback, contact, and survey forms through websites that get created on Web Source International's ZipSite. Every new website that gets created, instantly has the ablity to create forms within the body of the site.
Web Source International's website building software allows you to build a website and have it live on the Web in under 5 minutes. Once it is completed, you will have an easy to use browser-based administration tool to manage the site. It has various other tools built in such as a graphical (WYSIWYG) editor that mimics the functionality of Microsoft Frontpage, making it simple for you to manipulate the website text and graphics all from your World Wide Web browser.

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